KAS - Keyless Access Security
KAS - Keyless Access Security
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1 Add Locks

Add locks

The Neo Lock is suitable for swinging doors. 

While the Neo lock is weather resistant, it is not waterproof. 

Perfect for both residential or commercial use.

Access via Pin Code, RFID Card/Fob, Mobile App BLE Key. 

Interchangeable handle - Easily change the handle to left or right.

We recommend using the Neo Access Control system for the following;

  • Not a swinging access, eg sliding doors, garage door etc
  • High traffic areas
  • waterproof solutions

Add Batteries

We recommend using  alkaline batteries, 

Free with the purchase of the Neo Lock

Pick your latches

Pick the latch to suite your needs. Fire rated options are available but you will need to include the fire kit.

For new doors we recommend 70mm backset. 

 If you have fire rated doors, please always speak to your fire certifier as your first point of call.

Neo Latches

There are no products in this collection.

Fire Kit

If the door is a fire rated door,  a fire kit is required to comply with our certifications.

The Neo Cloud Lock is certified for the following doors

  • Firecore
  • E-Core
  • Pyropanel

Always speak to your certifier as your first point of call. 
A copy of our certificates are available click here
We recommend sending the certifier these certificates before purchasing.

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2 Add Access Controls

Neo Cloud Lock Access Control

We recommend using the Neo Access Control system for the following;

  • Sliding doors and gates
  • garage roller etc
  • High traffic areas
  • Areas requiring waterproof solutions
  • Lifts call
  • Electric Gates
  • Electric Openers
  • Double Doors

How does an Access Control work

The access control is a hard wired device that will send the 'unlock' signal to another electrical device if the valid credentials are presented to the reader.

Examples would include;

Disengaged the Locked panel  on an electric strike

Calling the lift instead of a manual button press

You man not require an exit button. 

Having a reader for entry and exit is possible too.

When exiting the area, there are many options available. Exit buttons provide a momentary release of the locking device, however these are not always required.

Example when exiting

Release the magnetic hold between the mag lock

Retracting an electric bolt

Examples when an exit button is not required. 

Free opening/ unlocked door handle from the inside of the door.

When using the access control as a lift call.

When using a sensor motion sensor to exit

When using a remote control to exit

Having another access control on the exit side of the door is also possible, giving you an entry and exit log

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3 Gateway


For you to communicate to the hardware, gateways are required. 

A Gateway allows remote management of compatible Neo Locks and Neo Access Controls.
Install the gateway within a 15-20m radius (unobstructed site) of the locks/ACRs. 

Connects up to 60 locks per gateway!

Internet connection required by WIFI or Ethernet cable.

How many gateways do I need?

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