KAS - Keyless Access Security
KAS - Keyless Access Security

Contactless, Smart & Secure Access

Simplify the key exchange. Use your smartphone to unlock your secured areas. Send access to anyone any time via pin code, RFID, BLE  & more.

Instant Notifications

Get activity records, status notification, access requested, door ajar alarm and so much more instantly.

Turn notifications on or off as you like.

Controlled Access at Your Finger Tips

Date and time sensitive access. 

Cancel, freeze and renew access wherever you are.

A complete system to control to your access. Easy to use. Loved by all end users.

We are continually listening to our clients to create the most user friendly method to secure your doors and access points. 

Customisable for any home, business, shared projects and more.

Why are you still using keys?

We are in the digital world, with everything around us being automated. Our credit cards, licences, movie tickets and so much are all stored on our phone. Accessible from the anywhere, all stored in the cloud.

So why are you still using keys?

Gone are the days that you need to leave keys under a rock, hoping that the right person will collect them. 

No more issues with tying to get keys back, or storing keys in that 'safe spot' only to find them years later and wonder what they were for?

It's crazy how safe and secure we are with our digital property. Our super strong passwords, logins requiring 2 step authentications and what not, this is just so we can secure some photos! 

Strangely, we've have been completely fine not knowing who has keys to our front door. We have no way of telling if anyone has access or even if they are getting in when we don't know about it.

The safety and security of your own property is now questioned.

Most rentals, businesses and accomodations alike have no clue on how many times a key is cut, if one is lost, we just recut another one.... 

KASAccess is the solution you are looking for...

Perfect for 1 lock or 10000++ locks


Grouping your locks, allow you to issue single keys to multiple locks without the repetition of selecting the same locks overtime.

Group locks per floor: allowing a key to be issued access all the locks on 1 floor.

Group locks per authority: allowing a key to be issued to all higher authority locks.

Group locks per location: allowing a key to be issued for all the locks in the one location.

Default and future dated states

Configure your system to automate your locks state

  • Standard - Key required to access
  • Free Passage - Free Entry, No Key required
  • Staff Only - Key is required to access. Only staff cards or higher can enter.

While all the options are available to enable or disable at any time.

Now you can set this information into the system. Perfect for regular operating hours, or changes during public holidays, 

Operator permissions and reporting

Giving you the ability to manage each console operator differently. 

Enable or disable permissions for the following:

  • View, share and hide key data
  • Locks: view, share, hide, management options, key sharing
  • Activity and Reporting

Flexible software to match your needs

We know everyone is different and so is every home and business. We have designed our systems to support you no matter what you are locking up. 
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