KAS - Keyless Access Security
KAS - Keyless Access Security

We simplify access control management

KAS is an Australian owned and operated company.
We want to make it easier and more affordable to look after your property and its key exchange. Whether it's for commercial use or for your own front door.

We offer our customers unbeatable value for money on quality security products. Our manufacturing suppliers have over 20 years experience in electronic locks, fingerprint security devices and keyless locks worldwide.

Our Market

Home / Residential

Office / Office Space

Business / Commercial

Hotels / Motels

Aged Care / Student Accommodation

Government / Hospitals / Schools

Storage Facilities

Gyms / Daycares

Cowering Space

Anything that needs a lock!

Our Vision

To be Australia’s first choice for innovative and affordable access control solutions with lasting customer service. 

We search high and low to provide the best and most economical solutions for Australian locking needs. Our team are dedicated to improving our products features and services to meet our clients needs.

KAS uses fingerprint locks, keyless hotel locking systems and keyless security systems, which are all a part of the best new way to secure your property. KAS products and services are also very popular around the hotel market with Remote Key Card access and Check-in & Check-out room key card locking systems.

Clients appreciate convenience and all industries rely on their client relations. Keyless locking systems are the essential element for creating a professional image whilst having the convenience of access and control. At KAS, we are committed to providing a high standard of Australian technical service and building lasting client relationships.

We continue our dedication by responding to the increased market demand for multiple keyless locking solutions. In association with our international partnerships our products have been developed with over 20 years experience in supplying premium quality electronic locks with a high standard of technical service.

Benefits of Smart Lock Systems 

Every year, our smart lock are installed in homes, offices, retail stores, office buildings, hotels, motels, student housing, co-working, co-living, and more. Why are so many customers pivoting to smart door locks? Here are a few of the key advantages our products have to offer: 



Who has access to your front door? How many keys are out there? Are you sure you know everyone who is accessing it when you're not around? We hope it's secure, we hope that our loved ones get home when we are not the to say hello. With smart locks and the online console you can easily monitor activity records, send and revoke smart key, pin code and more.

Eliminate the need for a physical key.

Some of our electronic lock systems use RFID-programmed cards. Others incorporate keypads, fingerprint scanners Bluetooth or wifi technology. Today, a key can be a PIN code, a fingerprint or even a mobile device. There’s no need to carry around extra keys or key cards – or to deal with what happens if you, your guests, residents or employees lose them.​


They provide leaps forward in durability. Keys or key cards that are used and reused over and over not only wear down themselves; they also cause wear and tear to the lock mechanism itself. With keyless lock systems, there is no need for the ‘key’ to make contact with the locking system, which reduces wear and tear and expands lifespan and return-on-investment.​

Easy to Use

They are easier to manage. Hotels especially love our smart locks because they are so easy to manage. It’s easy to grant or revoke access immediately, or to unlock a door remotely. Processes that used to be significantly more time-consuming—such as replacing a lost key for a guest or helping them get into a locked room—are now the work of a moment. 

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