KAS - Keyless Access Security
KAS - Keyless Access Security
  • Cloud based access management

    Solutions for homes, businesses and everything in between.
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  • Supported across all platforms


    Easy installation & simple setup
    Unlock doors with your smartphone, pin code and more
    Remotely manage and send keys with start and end dates
    Manage unlimited door locks at once
  • Making the key exchange effortless

    No matter where you are.

    Integrate it and save more time

Scalable Technology
The ideal solution in a time when nothing stays the same.
Access management in your control. Grown when you grow.

Remote Unlock

Unlock from anywhere using your app, live activity tracker.

Unlimited Mobile Keys

Share unlimited mobile keys with time and date restrictions. 

Send and revoke anytime.

Auto Gen

No internet. No problem. Issues unlimited preconfigured pin codes from your app.

Pin codes 

Instantly create your own 3-8 digit pin code from the online console. Time and date restricted. 

Easy Setup

Almost before we knew it, we had left the ground. A shining crescent far beneath the flying vessel.


Leave blank cards at the property. Issue access online without ever having the card or fob. 

How does it work

We store it in the cloud, meaning you can access and manage your locks from anywhere and on any device

No Key... No Problem

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Mobile App Access Only
Upgrade at anytime 

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  • Manage your locks locally and with the KASAccess App
  • Issue unlimited mobile keys with a start and end date
  • Unlock from anywhere
  • Issue cards/fobs locally at lock
  • Issue auto generated pin codes from the app with a start and end date
  • Collect entry records when at the lock 


Per licence per month, billed monthly

$22 AUD for annual plan, billed yearly
AUD (inc GST)

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Everything in the free plan +

  • Web console access
  • Remotely send and revoke guest access 
  • Real time unlocking record audit list
  • Real time low battery alert
  • Set clock remotely
  • Add up to 50 customised pin codes remotely
  • Add up to 50 RFID cards remotely


Per licence per month, billed monthly

$66 AUD for annual plan, billed yearly
AUD (inc GST)

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Everything in the Standard plan +

  • Add up to 100 pin codes remotely
  • Add 100 RFID tags remotely
  • Open API access
  • Access to integration tool kit
  • Customisable email and text notification  
  • Live feed of recent activities

Benefits of Smart Lock Systems 

Every year, our smart lock are installed in homes, offices, retail stores, office buildings, hotels, motels, student housing, co-working, co-living, and more. Why are so many customers pivoting to smart door locks? Here are a few of the key advantages our products have to offer: 



Who has access to your front door? How many keys are out there? Are you sure you know everyone who is accessing it when you're not around? We hope it's secure, we hope that our loved ones get home when we are not the to say hello. With smart locks and the online console you can easily monitor activity records, send and revoke smart key, pin code and more.

Eliminate the need for a physical key.

Some of our electronic lock systems use RFID-programmed cards. Others incorporate keypads, fingerprint scanners Bluetooth or wifi technology. Today, a key can be a PIN code, a fingerprint or even a mobile device. There’s no need to carry around extra keys or key cards – or to deal with what happens if you, your guests, residents or employees lose them.​


They provide leaps forward in durability. Keys or key cards that are used and reused over and over not only wear down themselves; they also cause wear and tear to the lock mechanism itself. With keyless lock systems, there is no need for the ‘key’ to make contact with the locking system, which reduces wear and tear and expands lifespan and return-on-investment.​

Easy to Use

They are easier to manage. Hotels especially love our smart locks because they are so easy to manage. It’s easy to grant or revoke access immediately, or to unlock a door remotely. Processes that used to be significantly more time-consuming—such as replacing a lost key for a guest or helping them get into a locked room—are now the work of a moment. 


Manage up to 32 entry points from 1 reader by adding the relay module. RS485 connection offers universal compatibility to work with other systems

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