Providing keyless lock solutions for residential and commerical premises. 

Electronic hotel locks are now available for any accommodation site Australia wide and are now a cost effective solution for integrated lock and security access for hotels and motels throughout Australia.


Encode and personalise your guests cards with keyless access to their specific room and other designated common areas, lifts and car parks.


At KAS - Keyless Access Security, residential electronic door locks available at our online store, offer:

  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee - no questions asked *

  • 12 Month Warranty on all door lock products

  • FREE postage Australia wide

  • Guaranteed 3 business day order turn around – we’re proud of our quick service!

  • Shop online with secure payment gateways

We also offer custom door lock systems so that you can customise your stand alone fingerprint door locks, keyless access digital keypad locks, electronic door locks, smart card access, or motel hotel key card locking systems to your exact needs.

KAS -- your one stop shop for electronic door lock solutions Australia wide. 


Providing keyless solutions for residential electronic door locks


Stand alone Locks (SAL) to customised Lock Management Systems (LMS) found in hotels and motels around the world.


Professional Electronic Hotel Lock Management Systems 


The Lock Management System replaces your old room keys with ‘keyless access’ electronic hotel locks giving you a range of keyless access control systems for your premises, taking advantage of the international accepted Phillips Mifare-1 technology. This is the same technology and software seen in the most 5 Star Hotels around the world.


Encode and personalise your guests cards, allowing them keyless access to their specfic room and other designated common areas, lifts and car parks


User Friendly Software

  • Wireless electronic hotel locks and software

  • Software & Technical Support (via telephone and/or remote Internet access)

  • Real-time System modifications available

  • Ease of use with our online training and User manual


Features and flexibility

  • Wireless electronic hotel lock management system

  • Keyless hotel locks / motel door lock access control

  • Full management software and encoder


Specifications and reliability

  • Radio frequency (RF) communication 13.56 MHz 

  • Proximity identification key cards (Philips HXP Mifare-1)

  • Replace the outdated magnetic strip card locks                                                   

  • Simple installation, maintenance

  • Proven durability

NFC Near Field Communication Locks are now here!

KAS are proud to announce that wireless technology accessing your front door lock is now on the market.  After extensive testing, Mobile App keyless locks, smartphone lock access and remote locks are now commercially available. The NFC lock works by using Near Field Communication readers inside the lock hardware.  This is the same as NFC PayPass technology.  Using the Mifare card standard frequency 13.56MHz, NFC Mobile Apps which gains wireless lock access and keyless entry via the smartphone can be utilised to the full potential. 


Smartphone locks, wireless locks and remote lock access

Smartphones now have NFC enabled devices which gives the market the cutting-edge on wireless and contactless home entry. Using smartphone entry, RFID and Mifare keycards or FOBs no longer have to be carried.  All access can be via the smartphone or mobile app.  The digital lock has the smart Near Field Communication NFC technology inside the lock that can read most smartphones.  Wireless locks can be opened via the internet or WIFI networks to gain access remotely. 


ZigBee and Z-wave Door locks

Z-Wave door lock devices are available from our website.  We have searched high and low to find the most compatible Z-Wave and ZigBee networking lock. The lock has a ZigBee and Z-Wave controller inside and because ZigBee and Z-Wave are open source, the digital locks can be integrated into any home automation or wireless networking software solution. 

Residential Keyless Entry STAND ALONE LOCKS (SAL)

We offer a variety of different keyless lock solutions for different access points eg gates, doors, car parks etc. We also have several assorted accessing methods 

  • Pin code

  • Keyless locks

  • Fingerprint

  • E-Cards and Fobs

  • Remote control access

14 Day money Back Guarantee on keyless lock online products.Fast Delivery - 3 Days Postage and Shipping after order processed* Priority Postage Available 


Electronic Hotel Locks - LOCK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (LMS)

Program and monitor who enters your rooms and when!

This amazing system allows you to program diffent levels of access to your staff or guest

Powered by batteries, there is no need for wires, or costly locksmiths

Perfect for Hotels/Motels, Apartment blocks and accommodation units! Our Electronic Hotel Lock Management System software has been designed to be user friendly and easy to install

The Lock Management System includes

  • Electronic door locks

  • PC software 

  • Room cards

  • Software programing and staff training- Available throughout Australia.


We use internationally recognised Mifare 1 Classic Software. 


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" Just wanted to let you know, I was at the show last year and love the 800 eTouch lock.".
- John, Brisbane